After our last review on “Sumerhill” we talked with Rikoshi (Kevin Frane) and he agreed to answer some of our questions on his book and his work as a furry artist:

So, Rikoshi, what can you tell us about yourself?

Well, let’s see. I grew up in a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts, then went to college to study Biology. I was originally planning to go on to grad school for Paleontology because I wanted to work as a museum curator, but a summer exchange program between my junior and senior year of university sent me to Japan and that wound up derailing my whole life. After graduation, I lived in Aomori, Japan for a while, where I taught English before I eventually got too lonely and moved back to the U.S.


He is an amazing and succesful writer inside and outside the furry world, and his work has impressed many of us. Author of works read by thousands and that have changed the way the furry world was percieved, Kyell Gold has offered an exclusive interview for Red Furros. Enjoy it. We are very honored to share his words with all of you.

Red Furros: Who is Kyell Gold? (a little bit about your background, your hobbies, etc)

Kyell: I’m a California writer. That’s not how I started; I grew up in a number of different places across the U.S., and I’ve traveled internationally quite a bit as well. My career background is a mix of many different paths as well, but I’ve been writing since college. So I ended up here on the U.S. West Coast, devoting most of my spare time to writing.

I’ve been with my mate Kit (a wolf) for a decade now, and he is my inspiration and motivation. He’s so supportive of my dreams and encouraging of my adventures that I really feel I would not be where I am without him. He’s my First Reader and he gives great feedback that helps make my stories better. Apart from writing and storytelling, Kit and I love to travel, we love to explore different places to eat, we go to movies and spend time walking and staying fit, and we love best being able to do all those things with good friends.

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