After the release of our last review of “Sixes Wild: Manifest Destiny” by Tempe O’Kun, we had a nice conversation with him about his recent work, where he gave us some exciting news about his upcoming work, new info on the Nordguard Game, and more.

Hello Tempo! And thank you once again for agreeing to this interview! we know you are someone who likes to keep himself busy, so we are glad you are making some time for us.

Hi Arakum. It’s great to talk to you.

First of all we’d like to know a bit more about yourself, we found a bit about you on Wikifur, we learned you are 28 and you were born in Grand Forks, how was it growing up being a furry in North Dakota?

North Dakota is quiet and polite, traits which have seeped down from Canada over the years, as well as sparsely populated. While it might seem to furries in ND that they are alone, this is simply because North Dakotans generally don’t want to be seen as making a fuss, so telling everyone that you think of yourself as a talking animal person is uncommon. Once you get involved in the furry community, though, you find that there are plenty of furries in ND.

Six Shooter no sólo tiene reflejos rápidos, es más fuerte y más audaz que muchos hombres en éste lugar tan hinóspito, algunos llegan a rumorar que es un fantasma más de los que escuchan en las piedras del desierto.

Una pata aún acariciando mi revolver, me siento en la silla, mirando el atardecer de Arizona. Vientos mas frescos respiran en mi pelaje, recordándome de otros alientos que han estado all??

En el viejo oeste sólo sobrevive el que tiene el revolver más rápido, pero para vivir lo suficiente para contarlo se necesita mucho más, se necesita astucia.